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Screen Air Separator / Seed Cleaner
The screen air separator/ seed cleaner is used for the removal of the debris. The infected seeds and foreign particles are significantly removed using this equipment.
Clean O Graders
Clean O Grader machine is used for the cleaning and grading purpose. The machine is utilized for the grading of the grains too. These are of best quality to satisfy the clients with the efficient functioning. 
Gravity Separators
We have brought the gravity separators that are mainly used for the separation of the products or food items of same size. The separator is used for removing the broken seeds to ensure the high quality of the product. 
Impact Huller
Impact Huller is the equipment that is used for the hulling of different seeds, nuts etc. The huller has the efficient functioning principle, controlled speed for delivering the satisfying output.
Hull Separator/Air Classifier
Hull separator/ air classifier is used for separating the materials with different shapes, sizes etc. The equipment is used for the segregation of the dust particles from the food items. 
Rotary Drum Sieves
A rotary drum sieves is used for the screening of the powder products. This is known for its high efficiency and excellent durable working performance. These are easily operated. 
Jatropha Dehulling Machine
The jatropha dehulling machine is used for the hulling of the seeds. The machine easily separates the hulls. It is known for its accuracy and controlling features.
Dehulling Machine
Dehulling machine is used for the removal of the husk from the grains, whose presence can decrease the quality of the agricultural grains. The machine is easily installed and operated. 
Pulse Mill
The pulse mill is used for the milling of the pulses. These are extensively used in the pulse milling industries. The mill helps in the enhancing of the production rate. 
Cleaning Machine
The cleaning machine is used for the cleaning of the machinery items. The machine is resistant to wear and tear. The machine is known for its superb efficiency and working principle. 
Grain Color Sorter
The grain color sorter is used for the classifying the items using the color difference. The color sorter is thus, vitally used in the food processing industries. 
Turnkey Solutions
The turnkey solutions are used for providing the convenience to the customers. These are demanded in various industrial sectors. They are resistant to wear and tear. 

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